Randy Swift

Randy was a full-time activist, primarily with SOAR, Citizen Action, Peace Action, and Newman House. His faith-based outlook brought him to work for justice among oppressed people. He vigiled and was arrested in the cause of peace. His energy, friendliness, … Continue reading

Greta Lake

Greta’s activism arose from her intense love of life. A survivor of the Nazi nightmare, she actively opposed the Vietnam War. Later she campaigned tirelessly for nuclear disarmament. In addition to her many contributions to BCNWRC/Peace Action, Greta worked with … Continue reading

Frieda Flint

Frieda was a lifelong advocate for peace, social justice, and human rights. Her fiery spirit and calm demeanor touched hundreds of lives. Psychologist, organizer, poet, teacher, feminist, musician, mother, naturalist and companion, she was a staunch defender of reproductive rights, … Continue reading