Broome County Peace Action (BCPA) began as Project Please to oppose nuclear weapons in the 1970s. We became Broome County Nuclear Weapons Reduction (BCNWRC) in 1984 and in 1989 became a chapter of the national SANE/Freeze campaign and then a chapter of Peace Action in 1993. BCNWRC has remained as our 501(c)(3) non-profit arm.

BCPA is dedicated to the abolishing of nuclear weapons, constructing a world of peace and justice, and eliminating militarism as a method of resolving conflict. This it hopes to accomplish through education of the public and those in government responsible for our national and foreign policy. Broome County Peace Action is one of the local chapters in 30 states affiliated with “Peace Action,” the largest national grassroots-based peace organization in the United States.

You can read the latest issue of Update by clicking here: BCPAUpdateNov2018

Peace Maker Grants

Small grants, up to $300 are offered to individuals whose limited financial resources might otherwise prevent them from undertaking a non-violent activity that promotes peace and social justice. Such involvement might include organizing a local event, participating in demonstrations or meetings out of town or taking part in delegations in developing countries. Click  here for an application.


President Jim Clune
Vice President Lorenz Firsching
Treasurer Tim Wolcott
Secretary Cecily O’Neil
Update Editor Alan Jones


Board of Directors

Len Bjorkman 2021
Ann Clune 2019
Jim Clune 2019
Lorenz Frisching 2021
Jack Gilroy 2020
Alan Jones 2019
Cecily O’Neil 2020
Peggy Naismith 2021
John Patterson 2020
Larry Roberts 2020
Jack Sexton 2020
Tim Wolcott 2019


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