Southern Tier Peace Makers Fund

The Peace Makers Memorial Fund perpetuates the memory and the efforts of remarkable peace and justice activists who have lived in our community, by offering grants that enable others in turn to engage in projects and actions that further these causes. An application for funds is available here.

Those honored are:

George Haeseler

Jack Gilroy shares a letter sent to George, a friend for about 35 years, a little before George’s passing. I remember well when I joined Sane Freeze in 1985. I was feeling pretty lonely at the high school where I … Continue reading

Ralph Valashinas

Ralph died on February 22, 2018. He was born January 1950 in Carbondale, Pennsylvania. H was a Tool and Die Maker for Felchar Manufacturing and for H&M Machine Company. Ralph was a graduate of Marywood University in Pennsylvania where he … Continue reading

George Homanich

George Homanich, board member and former president of Broome County Peace Action (BCPA), passed away on August 7th, 2016 of pancreatic cancer. George, along with his wife, Judy, was a generous activist in working for peace and justice. Some of … Continue reading

Stuart Naismith

As a child, Stuart enjoyed camping and fly fishing with his grandfather, Dr. James Naismith. At the early age of 17 he left high school to enlist in the United State Navy. He served in the South Pacific on a … Continue reading

Roland Austin

The best way to describe Roland’s involvement in the peace movement is that he was there. Whenever there were local demonstrations or vigils, he was there. When they were held out-of-town, in Washington, DC, New York City, or the Seneca … Continue reading

Joe Coudriet

Joe had a decades-long opposition to war and violence. He was a member of Peace Action, Citizen Action, and Veterans for Peace. He worked for peace and justice, primarily within the Catholic Church, hoping that people of faith could affect … Continue reading

Anne Herman

Anne was a consummate peacemaker. From local welfare rights advocacy, to worldwide advocacy for oppressed peoples she spent over forty years in organizing and activism. Anne taught alternatives to violence in prisons, demonstrated and worked for peace here in Binghamton … Continue reading

Randy Swift

Randy was a full-time activist, primarily with SOAR, Citizen Action, Peace Action, and Newman House. His faith-based outlook brought him to work for justice among oppressed people. He vigiled and was arrested in the cause of peace. His energy, friendliness, … Continue reading

Helen Spiegel

Helen’s whole life was dedicated to supporting peace and justice causes. She would go anywhere to support people in struggle. Helen would get in the front lines, point her cane or finger at politicians or others who were blocking the … Continue reading

Harry Thor

The Rev. Harry A. Thor was guided by a belief that Peace is possible only through the path of Social Justice. To that end he expressed his values and directed his energies to using his mind and body “so as to … Continue reading

Greta Lake

Greta’s activism arose from her intense love of life. A survivor of the Nazi nightmare, she actively opposed the Vietnam War. Later she campaigned tirelessly for nuclear disarmament. In addition to her many contributions to BCNWRC/Peace Action, Greta worked with … Continue reading

Frieda Flint

Frieda was a lifelong advocate for peace, social justice, and human rights. Her fiery spirit and calm demeanor touched hundreds of lives. Psychologist, organizer, poet, teacher, feminist, musician, mother, naturalist and companion, she was a staunch defender of reproductive rights, … Continue reading