• Monday vigil at the Fed. Building in Binghamton
  • Teach Peace & Justice Action Research Grant program for Broome County schools
  • Newsletter, “Update”
  • This Website
  • Email lists for the overall membership and for the Board
  • Monthly Board meetings open to everyone (2nd Saturday, 10:30 A.M. at the First Congregational Church,  corner of Main & Front Streets,  Binghamton)
  • Public meetings for education
  • Monitoring the newspaper
  • Relating to BU peace groups


(Note: many of these are dealt with through petitions (internet or otherwise)and/or phone calls to Congress, with alerts sent out through Peacenet, etc.)

  • Iraq and Afganistan wars
  • Possible war against Iran
  • Israel-Palestine
  • Nuclear weapons
  • Supporting troops who resist deployment
  • closing the “School of the Americas
  • U.S. torture

Some specific activities or program related to these issues:

  • Promoting Mayors for Peace in Binghamton
  • Sponsoring of a resolution on UN reform
  • Creation of the Broome County War Tax Resistance Fund
  • Supporting the Binghamton Regional Sustainability Coalition (BRSC)
  • Supporting action grants with
  • Promoting the local School of the Americas Watch
  • Support for a DVD on Jimmy Massey
  • Sponsoring the Annual Hiroshima Day/Nagasaki Day, August 6.
  • Visits with our Congressmen and Senators