Federal Building, Henry Street, Binghamton NY

Sleep Walking to Armageddon

Veterans for Peace Chapter 90, Peace Action of Broome, Pax Christi UpState New York, and UpState Drone Action will meet outside of the first floor Binghamton NY office of the leader of the United States Senate, Charles Schumer. Voices are … Continue reading

War Merchants Exposure Day

War Merchants Exposure Day – September 9, 2022 On September 9th, Peace Groups gathered at BAE Systems in Endicott, NY and Lockheed Martin in Owego, NY to protest the military complex and promote peace-making development products. Jack Gilroy of Veterans … Continue reading

War Industry Resisters

Dear Peace Action/Veterans for Peace Friends: Veterans for Peace has a terrific project in place. It fits our focus on militarism and the war industry. Go to to learn more. Jim Clune and I visited both of our war … Continue reading

Mothers’ Day

On Saturday May 7th we celebrated the original Mothers’ Day with a reading of Julia Ward Howe’s proclamation by Judy McMahon. We met at the Children’s Peace Garden in Otsiningo Park. Ed Nizalowski played a flute transcription of “Spring” from … Continue reading

Narrative Control

By Tim Wolcott The enemy is within. We create dysfunction in ourselves and allow it in our government by not being deeply conscious of our retained assumptions and the manipulation of the exterior narrative. We have become so disconnected from … Continue reading

Americans Who Tell the Truth

By Jack Gilroy Our Peace Action/Veterans for Peace team has, like most progressive thinkers and actors, focused on telling the truth, especially as it relates to militarism in American culture and history. We know that American leaders have often lied, … Continue reading

Children’s Peace Park Dedication

On Saturday May 8th, the day before Mother’s Day, a group of peacemakers, performers and families gathered at the newly created Children’s Peace Park within Otsiningo Park. Photos and video below. Cecily O’Neil, our Emcee, introduced Children’s Peace Park and … Continue reading

Children’s Peace Park

On Saturday, May 8, 11am, we will dedicate the Children’s Peace Park in Otsiningo Park with poetry, music and dance. See photos of the dedication of Children’s Peace Park.

It is what it is

By Jack Gilroy “It is what it is.” Is this recent statement from the POTUS stoical or contemptible? We need to decide come November 3, 2020. Having disbanded the national infectious disease preparedness board before the pandemic occurred and having … Continue reading

Black Lives Matter

By Jim Clune How should we support those resisting and protesting racism in America? A good first step is to stand up with Black brothers and sisters to say, in many ways, that “Black Lives Matter”. A second, and vitally … Continue reading

Solidarity or Bust!

By Tim Wolcott Raising your arm in a fist at a rally is not enough. We have internal work to do. Solidarity for the common good is an aspiration too often thwarted by ego, white fragility and apathy. Nonetheless, it … Continue reading

Webinar: What About World War II?

This webinar, features David Swanson, Executive Director of World BEYOND War, discussing the “What about WWII?” question so popular among supporters of military spending, and the history of Armistice Day. Organized by: Peace Action of Broome County, NY and Stu … Continue reading

Alice’s Nightmare in Drone Land

From the Press Release for the protest of drones at Hancock Airport in Syracuse, NY on October 29, 2020: The Pentagon squanders essential resources on endless war and for the “improvement” of nuclear weaponry and for the development of assassination … Continue reading