Black Lives Matter

By Jim Clune

How should we support those resisting and protesting racism in America?

A good first step is to stand up with Black brothers and sisters to say, in many ways, that “Black Lives Matter”. A second, and vitally necessary step, is to call for transparency and accountability of any police force (including military forces being misused), whenever their power is abused, and then, covered up. A third step is to recognize American racism affects us all, particularly Black, Brown, Native and most recently, Middle Eastern peoples.

The time has come to realize that sympathy for those who have suffered under white supremacy is charity that costs people of European origin in America very little. What costs so much in life and treasure is racism. It not only creates personal prejudice, racism generates and maintains unjust historical momentum through its effects in our economic, political and religious institutions.

The assumption that some people can dominate while others are dominated, as part of the natural order of things, is profoundly inhumane, and needs to be discarded. This requires getting to the roots of violence and injustice, and acting on the assumption that we all deserve better. Let’s step up today and stand with our Black brothers and sisters.

From the October 2020 BCPA Update newsletter, download the PDF

Broome County Peace Action Update Newsletter – October 2020 (click to open or download PDF)

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