Stuart Naismith

As a child, Stuart enjoyed camping and fly fishing with his grandfather, Dr. James Naismith. At the early age of 17 he left high school to enlist in the United State Navy. He served in the South Pacific on a sea plane tender whose purpose was to pick up injured and maimed servicemen. This experience had a profound impact in the development of one of his life’s greatest passions, the peace and justice work that he cared so fervently about. Stuart organized the local Veterans for Peace chapter. He spent a great amount of time speaking, writing, working and hoping for a world where humanity ceased to fight. He took part in many demonstrations against the Vietnam and Iraqi wars. Several years ago, Stu took part in a demonstration to protest the School of the Americas’ practice of training the US and foreign military in the “art” of how to administer pain and torture to captives. In his youth he became equated with the religious Society of Friends and always considered himself a “Friend”.

From his obituary

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