U.S. Leaders Claim to Care About Ukrainians, But Will They Step Up and Make the Compromises Necessary to End the War?

By Jack Gilroy
originally published in CovertAction Magazine, April 8, 2022

Covert Action Magazine

The U.S. media have been saturated by reports of Ukrainian suffering since the Russian invasion of February 24, 2022, and of heroic Ukrainian resistance. Even progressive media outlets and politicians have favored more arms supplies to Ukraine in this climate.

When Congress passed a massive $13.6 billion aid package to Ukraine, at least half of which was designated for military supplies, only three congressmen voted nay. Many of the people who turned up at anti-war demonstrations following the invasion advocated for more weapons supplies to Ukraine or even a no-fly zone.

But will these weapons actually end the war by contributing to the defeat of the Russians, or will they prolong it and deepen the suffering of the Ukrainians?

The answer appears to be the latter. Only compassion and compromise will end the suffering, not more killing and wounding, not more millions of refugees and devastation.

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