Children’s Peace Park Dedication

On Saturday May 8th, the day before Mother’s Day, a group of peacemakers, performers and families gathered at the newly created Children’s Peace Park within Otsiningo Park.

Photos and video below.

Cecily O’Neil, our Emcee, introduced Children’s Peace Park and each speaker and performer.

Andru Bemis performed background music and also led us in a group song.

Liz Woidt, Director of Broome County Public Parks, talked about the collaboration of people who made this park possible.

A group of children unveiled the plaque and read it to the audience. This group, known as Glee for their dance group, performed a dance to the tune of John Lennon’s Imagine.

Doug Garnar shared why he planned this park.

Judy McMahon read Julia Ward Howe’s Mother’s Day Proclamation.

Rose Garrity talked about mothers and children and domestic violence.

Cayden & Emma Cacala sang The Best Day.

Abigail Bennett read a poem.

Ann Szymaniak and Hilary Rozek directed the children’s dance group in a performance with a mothers and daughters theme.

Ann Symaniak talked about the light in all of us. Using yellow yarn as a stand-in for that light, she threaded the yarn through all our hands to visualize the connection. She then cut the yarn for each of us to carry that light with us.

In preparation for the dedication, students from Theodore Roosevelt School drew their depictions of what Children’s Peace Park meant to them. Click here to see these drawings.

Video of the May 8th Dedication of Children’s Peace Park in Otsiningo Park

Video by Vera Scroggins

Photos of the May 8th Dedication of Children’s Peace Park in Otsiningo Park

Photos by Helen McLean, John Patterson and Tim Wolcott.

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