Jack Gilroy & Nick Mottern on The Hrvoje Morić Show – 31 October 2023

GUEST 1 OVERVIEW: Jack Gilroy is an events organizer for Veterans for Peace, Peace Action, UpState Drone Action, Ban Killer Drones and UpState Pax Christi (New York). He is the author of two award-winning novels of young men who refused to follow government orders to train to kill, ABSOLUTE FLANIGAN and THE WISDOM BOX, published by Binghamton University. He has also written a series of plays that examine the power of conscience over the power of government. Gilroy’s plays, “Render to Caesar?” and “Sentenced to Death for Not Killing,” have been performed at the Columbus, GA Convention Center and his play, “The Predator” has been read at universities (e.g., Georgetown, Wittenberg, Syracuse) and numerous other venues around the nation. Soon to premiere is “Reap What You Sow,” a one-act play followed by audience interaction. Jack is the father of four children, a retired high school teacher, a full-time war resister, a veteran of two military services, and a former prisoner of conscience. https://www.bensalmon.org/uploads/8/2/5/7/82576010/sentencedtodeathbensalmon.pdf

GUEST 2 OVERVIEW: Nick Mottern has worked as a reporter, researcher, writer and political organizer over the last 40 years. He is co-coordinator with Kathy Kelly of https://bankillerdrones.org, devoted to education and organizing to stop drone drone killing. He is an organizer with the campaign for a weaponized drone ban treaty http://www.wdbt.org He is a researcher for the Merchants of Death War Crimes Tribunal. https://merchantsofdeath.org/ His articles have appeared in Truthout, Common Dreams and Counterpunch and other news and commentary services.

View/listen at TNT Radio Live.

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