Sleep Walking to Armageddon

Veterans for Peace Chapter 90, Peace Action of Broome, Pax Christi UpState New York, and UpState Drone Action will meet outside of the first floor Binghamton NY office of the leader of the United States Senate, Charles Schumer.

Voices are being raised by leading atomic scientists and members of peace and justice groups worldwide, Pope Francis has been leading a moral call for diplomacy over violence. Is the remainder of the US sleepwalking to Armageddon? 

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists has moved the Doomsday Clock minute hand to 90 seconds before midnight, the closest to midnight since the clock started ticking in 1947.

The President of the United States and NATO are most concerned with supplying more weapons–pouring gasoline on a fire that could become a holocaust. The most powerful single political organization in the world is the United States Senate. Where is the voice of restraint by the leader of that group, Sen Charles Schumer? Are more weapons his only response? 

Bring your voices, your signs, your friends, and your family to urge Senator Schumer to work with President Biden and NATO to find a peaceful resolution. The only ones profiting from the growing mess are the Merchants of Death–the Arms Industry, the financial markets, and those embracing the End Times.

Date:  February 8th 
Time: 12 Noon
Place: Public sidewalk in front of the Federal Building, 15 Henry St. Binghamton, NY 
For More information: call Jack at  607.239.9605

Coverage of Our Vigil:

Fox Channel 40:

The Veterans for Peace continue to lobby for change and hope to emphasize the importance of diplomacy.

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Binghamton Homepage, Channel 34:

The United Nations Secretary General said that the doomsday clock is now just 90 seconds till midnight, in other words, global catastrophe.

Local peace organizations gathered outside of the federal building in Downtown Binghamton this afternoon and protested for peace and diplomacy.

The protestors urged the U.S. Senate and President Biden to stop sending guns and military aid over to Ukraine.

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