Veterans for Peace Winter 2020 Newsletter

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From the Veterans for Peace Winter 2020 newsletter, page 18:

The past year was the busiest ever for VFP Stu Naismith Chapter 90. It began with the January 2019 annual luncheon and conversation (via phone) with Suzanne Gordon of San Francisco, the outstanding advocate for protecting our VA from privatization.

Memorial Day found our members in Elmira, New York, at the grave site of Civil War veteran and avowed anti-Imperialist, Mark Twain, where we enacted Twain’s War Prayer. Our first annual Children’s Peace Fair, organized in collaboration with the local Peace Action group, took place on August 6, and was a big success. [See Ch. 90 report in VFP’s Fall 2019 newsletter.]

VFP member Mac McDevitt drove his rig from Chicago to Binghamton to install his amazing, museum-worthy My Lai Exhibit in the entrance hall of the Broome County Library just prior to Armistice Day. The exhibit enjoyed good attendance and media coverage.

For the third Armistice Day running, our members set up a symbolic cemetery along the parade route of the Veterans Day Parade—100 tombstones representing the ratio of the number of Vietnamese, Afghanistan, Iraqis killed to one American. Once again, local television media helped us spread the truth of the immorality and stupidity of our wars.

The VFP Newsletter is published twice a year by Veterans for Peace. An archive of previous issues is on their website.

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