War Industry Resisters

Dear Peace Action/Veterans for Peace Friends:

Veterans for Peace has a terrific project in place. It fits our focus on militarism and the war industry. Go to https://www.veteransforpeace.org/take-action/war-industry-resisters-network to learn more.

Jim Clune and I visited both of our war industries recently and are working with national VFP to promote a presence at war industries nationwide the weekend of 9/11. We invite you to join us on September 9th at 11 AM on North St and Washington Ave in Endicott for a presence and delivery of the letter attached below. We are willing to speak to the media to expand our deep concern that real needs in our nation and world are less concerning than producing systems to kill our brothers and sisters, their families and friends. The BAE website likes to brag that they are the #3 weapons manufacturer in the world. (Some other sources rank them from 4th to 9th.)

At around 11:30 we will get in our cars and drive to Lockheed Martin to deliver a similar letter to the CEO of the largest merchant of death in the world with 139 industries in the USA and over 400 world wide. We will gather at a parking spot that Jim and I found on 17C and Lakeview Parkway.

There will be no confrontation, only information and an appeal to both industrial leaders to engage in a major conversion to life giving systems and products, not death dealing.

We hope you can find time to be with us. Please let us know if you can make it. We will have signs and banners and you may make your own. An open microphone will be available for anyone to speak. We would very much like to hear from BAE or Lockheed Martin spokespersons but that is unlikely.


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